About Us

AMARTE : a combination of love for tea, self-love, nature, earth, and humanity. 


Amarte by Mar is an online tea store founded in 2020 and based in the heart of Virginia. We are a tea-loving mother-daughter duo who want to share the love and passion for tea and wellness with our customers. Our passion and love for tea began with our tea shop Earth and Tea Cafe located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Despite having to close the cafe due to unforeseen circumstances in 2016, our love for tea never went away. It's our love of tea that inspired us to work hard to provide you with the same high quality loose leaf tea that we offered in our cafe. We are excited to finally share our online tea store, where you will find 28 different kinds of tea you can choose from, along with a special collection of seasonal teas that are selected by us. All of our teas are ethically sourced and packaged with love and care. 

Click here to check out our collection of teas and don't forget to take a moment to share a cup of tea with someone you love.